Basic Time Planning Rules

Not a day without a plan! You need to plan to understand where we are going. Otherwise, you will drift aimlessly all day and won’t do anything in the end. Some recommend to plan out the day in the evening, others - early in the morning. But the fact that it needs to be done is a fact. Try morning and evening planning and decide which is more convenient for you. Spend 15-30 minutes on daily planning. Just write – by using a pen, with a notebook, a piece of paper, or on your smartphone.

Summarize! It’s no less important than planning, you have to be able to summarize the things you’ve done. You can analyze what is wrong, understand what you spend time on, and, possibly, reduce the number of tasks altogether. Sum up the previous day before planning the next one. People who have never planned anything or do not know how to sort out the chaos of their own lives can devote a week to observations and notes: just record what you are doing without changing anything. And you will draw conclusions in a week.

Make a table of tasks for a month! Suppose you want to read fiction every day, learn French, develop your memory, go for a run, keep your apartment clean, have a hobby time, etc. But in the end, it turns out that days are passing by, and you have not read a single book, have not learned a single new foreign word ... Take an A4 sheet and place it horizontally. On the left, write down all the regular tasks in the column and arrange the sheet from top to bottom taking into account the number of days in the month. Write all the things that you’ve done every day. You can, for example, mark the days that were successful with a bright marker. At the end of the month, sum up the results and choose a reward for yourself, let’s say that you have to have 10 successful days in a month in order treat yourself at a restaurant. Less than three successful days - look for additional motivation and reshape your daily plan.

Devote time to work! You should plan not just things that have to be done, but the time that it takes to complete them. In other words, limit yourself. And it is better to slightly reduce that time than to increase. Then you will not subconsciously stretch out the work and be able to complete them in time. As soon as the time is up, finish the work and go on to the next task (do not forget to just take a 10-15 minute pause after completing a task).  Stop wasting time watching russian woman profile during work.

Use different ways of tracking tasks! There are lots of ways to track your tasks, to use your smartphone, a notebook, a computer, etc. But you should use them properly. Use your phone for immediate matters like birthdays and meetings, use a notebook to track daily tasks, use something bigger (maybe even dedicate a place on your wall to track tasks) to track long-term tasks. 

Do not get distracted! No matter what! While you work, don’t even touch your smartphone, social networks and YouTube videos can wait. Focus only on the task that you have to complete. There are certain techniques that make it easier to not get distracted during work. By the way, that's why you need to limit the time of work - to know when you will be able to take a breath and relax. Understanding that you won’t have to sit on a task forever is very encouraging for its early completion. In addition, switching to other things that are not related to work means that your attention is dissipating, and you already need extra time to re-enter the process. As a result, it will take even longer for you to complete that task.