7 Best #Studygram Accounts You Need to Follow

by Helen Owens on November 12, 2018

best studygram accounts

Being a student is sometimes quite challenging, especially when so many subjects start piling up and you don’t even know where to begin. We thought about the best ways to help you organize your studies and something that can motivate you to even start enjoying it. After a bit of research, we found out that there is a whole community of #studygrammers on Instagram that are helping other students study through a creative and fun way.

We chatted with some of the best studygrammers about their journey on Instagram so here are 7 best #studygram accounts and the wonderful people behind them:

1. @joannastudiess

Joanna is a 20-year-old student from Australia that has over 8000 Instagram followers and the number keeps on growing. She is a psych student aspiring to become a child psychologist. Posting photos of colorful studying notes with beautifully crafted calligraphy showing her followers that study can be fun and creative. Here is what she had to say about her studygram journey:

"My studygram journey originally started on Tumblr in the middle of 2015 when I was in my final year of Highschool! I discovered all of these new ways to study, used lots of Printables, and made so many flashcards it was crazy! My grades improved a lot, and I finished high school with my desired ATAR score (the university acceptance score in Australia). During my break before beginning university, I made my studygram account and started posting content to both Tumblr and Instagram!

When I started university, I was pretty much invested in using my studygram account over my tumblr blog. Going into my first year, I used all the skills I had learned from my 6 months in this community and it really paid off! I owe so much to the community for literally helping me get through school and university, which is one of the reasons why I am still so active on my instagram account! I really want to give back to the community that helped me get to where I am today, and if I inspire anyone, I'd be over the moon!

Watching this community grow in numbers in the past year is really amazing, as i love the message we all (hopefully) put out, that studying is important and learning can actually be fun!". 



 2. @study.susan

Susan is a USA dentist student with over 50 thousand followers on Instagram. Her fans are always in for a treat with her beautiful drawings, new ideas, listings, and giveaways. Beside study notes, she also helps out by motivating her fan base by making their own mood tracker, habit tracker, sleep tracker and much more. Here is what she had to say:

"My #studygram journey started back on March 24, 2018, after seeing so many wonderful posts on Instagram and Pinterest. My friends always tell me that I need to sell or post my notes, and I love bullet journaling and keeping lists as a way to stay organized. I love to help others, I love art, and I love working with my hands to create. 

With that, I finally decided to create a studygram account on Instagram to inspire and motivate others with my notes and bullet journal. Starting out, my biggest inspiration came from studyquill (studying) and AmandaRachLee (bullet journal). Now, I get my inspiration from just about anything- real life, Pinterest, Instagram, Google images, and so much more!"


 3. @studyshrub

Introducing Chloe, a high school student with a passion for bullet journaling and art. Decorating her insta pages with wonderful calligraphy and elegant white, black and cream background tones. So extra aesthetic that we instantly fell in love with the page. Chloe has over 8 thousand followers with whom she engages in daily. Here is what she had to say about her studygram inspiration:

"As a studygrammer, I feel that bullet journaling and taking pretty notes overall motivate myself to study and become organized. Additionally, lettering and bullet journaling are both very enjoyable and relaxing after a long day, so I would definitely recommend having a bullet journal and a few brush pens!

For those who are just starting out, I would suggest to gather inspiration online and to simply have fun with it! I mainly draw my inspiration from social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube.".


4. @studyholmes

Sarah is a second-year medical student from London. Her feed with creative and beautiful drawings and lettering is what got our attention. Everything about this page is just perfect. Studying medicine isn't really 'easy peasy' but somehow this girl makes it look extra fun. If you are stuck with learning anatomy check out Sarah's page, join her 45,000 followers and see how she does it. Here are a few words she had to say:

"I started just under two years ago, with bullet journaling. I was looking for a way to motivate myself to stay organised during my last year of IB, and starting a studygram really helped with that! I draw my inspiration mainly from other studygrammers and the people I follow on Instagram. Lots of them also help me keep my motivation and productivity up!"


5. @Shoot.for.the.moon_official

One of our favorite #studygrammers is definitely Maria! The sweetest girl from Greece studying Biology. She is half Greek-half Australian and her studygram journey started with high school. Inspiring her followers not only with study notes but also by showing them that reading books and learning to be patient in life is extremely crucial to our well-being. If you like roses, science, daily inspiration and dreams then this is the page you need to follow. We chatted with Maria and here is what she had to say:

"I am a daydreamer and night thinker, passionate about science; dedicated to inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals! I get my inspiration from just about anywhere! From pics on the internet to small things in life like the rain, plants etc. (That's how I came up with my feed)"


6. @maryberrystudy

Chic girl from the USA, Mary Beth is a 22 year-old student with over 100,000 followers on Instagram. She is studying Cell & Molecular Biology. Her fan base enjoys her feed of inspirational notes and drawings with bright colors, the cutest stickers and clever tips to make your study life much easier and more fun. If you want to be motivated daily and look at the wonderful notes and sketches this is the insta page you should follow and pay attention to. We are sure that Mary will help you achieve your study goals in no time.


7. @alimastudies

Introducing Alima,18-year-old A-levels student. Studying biology, chemistry, and sociology she created her studygram account to motivate herself and others to study. Now with over 40,000 followers, we can say that she is certainly on the right path. She inspires and motivates her followers with who she chats with regularly. Her beautiful photos of stunningly crafted calligraphy and colorful notes are sure to brighten up your study mood