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Did you write your goals for 2018? What are they? To achieve more, dream big, be more productive, start a business? These planners will help you plan your life. Or maybe it's just to keep all of your appointments and activities together in one notebook?

Whatever it is life planner helps you keep track of your goals, appointments, priorities and help you stay organized. Find yours and keep your life in order.

How to organize a life planner

As technology evolves, it infiltrates more and more areas of our lives, giving us nifty tools to use every day. When it comes to organizing your life, there is a bunch of software out there that can surely help. Apps that claim to boost productivity can be used on our smartphones while simultaneously being in sync with our computer at work or home.

While this technology can definitely help streamline your workflow, in our opinion, nothing can quite beat plain old pen and pepper. There is just something very personal about writing stuff down that motivates us to better ourselves. If you are an individual that is trying to introduce more order and efficiency into his life, what you need is a good life planner. You will quickly find that a life planner is an indispensable tool when it comes to setting goals and following through. Not to mention how fun it can be using different stickers and colors to plan out your day, week, month or even the entire year!

So how do you start? Well, there are many different ways you can organize your life planner. You can use one, two or more, it all depends on your personal preference and how many you want to carry with yourself. If you opt to use just one, make sure it has enough space to write down everything you need. This can range from daily tasks related to work, education, your family, your free time, and so on.

You can also write down personal goals, what motivates you, reminders, important phone numbers, anniversaries, etc. Even your favorite cheesecake recipe has a place in your life planner because the main goal is not just to be organized, but happy and content as well.

How to use life planner

Life planners are not just a cute and stylish accessory, they are also an indispensable tool that will keep you organized and help you do more with your 24 hours. If you're a competitor in nature, a good life planner can represent a competitive edge that can put you in front of the rest. If balance and peace of mind are what you're seeking, a good morning routine followed by a well-planned agenda can make your daily tasks a breeze.

Having a functional life planner will put you on cruise control and allow you to achieve every single goal you set this year. If you're new to this, you might ask yourself, how can I use this amazing tool? While there is no "right" way, a couple of tips might help you get started. First and foremost, start right away. Don't postpone getting your life in order. Pick a planner you like.

While this might not seem important, choosing a planner that is aesthetically pleasing to you is important in order to create a need to actually use it. Find a system that works for you. Choose if you want to organize yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly level. Everybody is different in their own way, same applies to organize your time and how you spend it.


What to put in life planner

So you finally found that perfect planner you've spent weeks looking for. It's a perfect blend of functionality and a trendy design. While having a planner you can connect to on a personal level is needed, knowing how to use it and what to actually write in it is more important. Start by choosing a time frame you want your life planner to focus on. This can range anywhere from a day to a couple of years.

Opting for a short-term planner will allow you to go more in-depth and focus on daily tasks that need to be done. Setting goals on a yearly level will motivate you to strive towards something and give you a better idea on how you can improve yourself. One of the most used methods is combining a short-term and long-term planner in order to achieve the maximum effect of both. Good planners usually come with a page dedicated to the calendar. This allows you to make notes about important appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and so on.

Making plans doesn't just need to be about work and visiting your doctor. Scheduling your vacation upfront gives you something to look forward to and motivates you to complete all your projects ahead of schedule. Life planners can also promote a healthy lifestyle. You can use it to plan your meals and your workouts, track your progress, and even your sleeping schedule to assure you get enough rest. If you need a simple To-Do list, a planner can also come in handy since some of them have a suitable layout by default. Pick up your planner at the end of the day and plan out your tomorrow.

Why use a life planner

Having all your reminders, random notes, meeting schedules, and other important information, scattered around is counterproductive and will make you waste extra time in finding what you need when you needed the most. Having a good planner to keep it all in one place will boost your productivity and save you from having a nervous breakdown before an important meeting.

Life planners are a great tool in not just organizing your time, but also to motivate you in going out there and performing above all expectations. When all odds are against you, a simple motivational sentence you wrote down weeks ago can pick you up and give you the strength to finish a challenging task. Being well organized is also fun and can relieve you of anxiety which is important in today's modern and frantic age.