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Shout out to all students! We give you planners that are excellent for keeping your classes, short-term assignments, and long-term projects organized.

Every student knows that keeping track of more than 10 subjects is a real humdrum. That is why listing everything in a notebook and writing it down will help you keep track and motivate you to complete what you assigned for each subject.

Why are student planners important

Every time a new semester starts, we tell ourselves that this time around, everything is going to be different; that we are going to be different. After week one, everything starts falling apart and spiraling downwards into a chaos of missed classes, papers that were due last Tuesday, tests that we totally forgot about, and other academical misfortunes. In order to avoid this kind of trainwreck repeating itself, it's time to get some help in the form of a student planner.

Ever wondered how Jack and Mary manage to be outstanding students and still be part of the basketball and cheerleading team? It's because they use a good planner and proven methods for organizing their time. Student planners usually have a layout that is broken down into color-coded categories like classes, assignments, extracurricular and other important events regarding your education.

This can do wonders for helping you cope with a busy schedule and still find time to enjoy yourself. Also, these planners usually have a calendar which can be used to highlight certain dates or even set goals for the month. With a good student planner, you'll never miss an assignment again.


How to use a student planner

Get started by finding the layout that suits you. We recommend going with a layout that is specifically designed to cover the basic needs of a student, but a planner with an empty layout can also work if you like to have more flexibility. If the page space is not already divided into categories, you can start by separating your school-related stuff from your personal To-Do list. This way you'll have a better idea of how much time you got on your hands and plan ahead accordingly.

Make sure to utilize the calender page and write down important assignments and dates when your papers are due. You will want to carry your planner with you all the time, especially when attending classes. Use it to write down notes, reminders, and other information you can use later on. This way you can refer back to this information when working on a project or an essay. By using a student planner, you'll be able to finish all your school-related tasks efficiently, leaving you more than enough time to spend on personal growth, or just having some fun with your friends.

Why use student planners?

Many agree that being a student is the greatest part of life, but also not the easiest part. Things can get hectic fast, so staying organized is crucial when attending college or high-school. Achieving this can be done by utilizing the right tools and methods. The number one item you want to have is a student planner with a layout that can help you map out your classes efficiently.

A nice, compact planner can easily fit in your backpack or you can even carry it in a smaller bag if that's what you prefer. Use it as a reminder, take notes while attending classes and gather the information you can use for later on when doing your homework. Last but not least, make a habit of writing things down. You'll be surprised how more productive you can be by just being able to visualize your daily tasks.